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Our COVID-19 Plan
March 14, 2020

Due to the nature of our business, preventing the transmission of disease between pets is not new, but with the declaration of a national emergency based on COVID-19, we have some new temporary policies in place to prevent transmission between people. These new changes incorporate the CDC social distancing guidelines. The following are the new and temporary changes:

We will be unable to provide tours and will not be accepting new customer reservations at this time. We will resume both after the national emergency is lifted.

We will be unable to provide reservations more than thirty days in advance. Current events are changing too rapidly.

The biggie: We will no longer be able to allow owners beyond the second gate. I know this is disappointing because it is nice to be able to tuck the pets in their room and say good bye, but this change is just temporary. This change will also apply to cat drop offs. We will accept the cat carrier at the second gate and transport the cat to the Cat Cottage. (I know, it is a bummer for now.)

Checkouts will no longer take place in the office area but can be handled at the second gate outside or at the owners vehicle. If you would like to stay in your vehicle, please call upon arrival and we will gladly bring your pets and handle the invoice in that area.

This is just a reminder, but if you arrive while I am helping another customer, please wait in your vehicle with your pet until the other customers pet is secured and the other customer has returned to their vehicle. I will also be washing my hands between pets and customers, but that is not new.

We request that owners leave blankets, other plush items and toys at home. We provide cots, beds, blankets, pet dishes, food (Purina One Lamb and Rice) and Milk-bones for the snacks. We disinfect all pet items between pets. Though it is nice for the pets to have familiar things, now is not a good time. We will return to our old policy in the future. This change keeps us from disinfecting all the items from your home upon arrival and upon returning the items.

If you would like/need to bring food and medications from home, please bring the items either in a bag or container we can spray with disinfectant and/or wipe down. We will no longer accept large open bags of food. If one is brought, it will not be accepted and our food will be used instead. If a large amount of food from home is needed, please bring it in a container that can be sprayed with disinfectant. Food bagged in Ziploc bags will be handled with gloves.

If for any reason an owner should travel to an area and be unable to return at the planned time or need to return early, just notify us by whatever means possible. We are treating the schedule/reservation changes in the same manner we manage hurricane season developments.

And as always, we will not be charging cancellation fees. We survived the recession without them, we hope we can get through this without them. HOWEVER, if you would like to voluntarily make a cancellation fee it would be greatly appreciated. (At this time, none of the government assistance applies to our business.) Please continue to notify us of any changes in plans. We do not assume people will not show because of the corona virus. We know many will still have plans that cannot be changed and we will be here.

In the meantime, we are happily taking care of your furry family members through this event just like we always have through the hurricanes, snows and floods. Prayers to everyone that we will all stay happy, sane and healthy as we work through this time. We will update with changes a needed.

-Rebecca, Owner
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