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Updated COVID-19 Procedures
April 29th 2020

We are reopening on May 1st!

With that being said it is still very important for us to follow social distancing guidelines...

What to Do
What to Expect

• Please call us upon arrival if you do not see us waiting for you at the gate with the OPEN sign when you arrive. We will do curbside pickup for your pets and belongings. Please have your pets secured in the vehicle, preferably in the back seat or the hatch back area.

•We will disinfect leashes and belongings before it enters our facility. Please try to limit belongings to collars, leashes, medications and food (if you will not be using the food provided). Please use food containers that can be easily disinfected. Please do not bring large bags of opened dog food or dog beds. All items will be returned in a disinfected bag, but the owner is responsible for disinfecting the items in the bag after their return.

What to Do
What to Expect

•Please call prior to arrival so we will know when to have your pets and items ready. We will walk the pets to the vehicle using the owner's disinfected leashes and collars while wearing gloves. (We change gloves between customers.) All other items being sent home will be placed in a disinfected bag. The items in the bag will need to be disinfected at home (similar to the way grocery store items are handled). We will not be offended if you keep a "clean bag" of your own ready in the vehicle that we can place the bag from our facility inside.

•If we are not at the gate with the OPEN sign when you arrive, please call again if we have not met you at the gate. (We may be in the restroom or still getting your pets ready, but another phone call will not hurt.)

•Payment can be processed over the phone and the processor can email or text the itemized receipt. We can also take the payment terminal to the vehicle and use it in a no contact transaction. If you will be paying in cash, please have the exact amount on hand. We do not keep change on site. (We no longer accept checks.)


•Do you have dogs that do not like people walking to the car, enough dogs for a personal sled team to unload at once, or dogs that bolt to Minnesota anytime the car door opens? Just let us know. We have a pull-in area and we can load and unload your pets in this fenced area if needed to prevent anxiety and chasing after excited pets. It takes a bit longer to open and close these gates, but it may be worth the peace of mind. We can let you walk or "herd" the dogs out of your car to our second gated area before we take over and guide them to their room. Just call us and let us know if you would like this option.

We thank everyone for your cooperation and understanding!

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