Our Cat Cottage

Our Cat Cottage

The cats staying in the Cat Cottage are completely
separated from the "Doghouse".
We fully appreciate their need for a quiet, stress-free,
dog-free stay. (It makes it much easier to take long naps...)

The Cat Cottage is heated, cooled and
has a UV air purifiying system.
It is also well insulated from outside
noises should our dog guests get overly excited.
Our Cat Cottage Suites were designed for peace and privacy...
We have two suites for cats.They are each
furnished and have a full size cat tree, windows and
a view of several
bird feeders. Snuggly blankets, a night light and
radio are also provided. You are also welcome
to bring your pet's favorite comfort items from home.

Our Suites

Inside Our Cat Cottage

Cat Activities?

Some cats find new people annoying... You are the most perfect person in their universe, and they have
trained you to do their bidding flawlessly. zzzzzzzz... The less they are disturbed by a stranger,
the happier they will be.
We will do our best to be their humble servants by bringing toys, providing
clean litter and serving meals to their safe and peaceful Suite
while they patiently await your return.

For the kitty that admits that other people are tolerable...
We are more than happy to hold, cuddle and play with those
that enjoy the attention. We leave the participation decision up to the guests.
If it is their nap time or they prefer to hide at the top of their cat tree, we will not disturb them.

Cat Boarding Requirements

~~All Cats Must Be Neutered~~

More Information About Neutering Pets

Pet Carrier

All Cat Cottage guests are required to remain in their pet carrier while outside the Cat Cottage building. Please have your pet secured in their carrier before exiting the car. A pet carrier is requested for safe arrival and departure.

Proof of Vaccinations

We will need to verify current Rabies, Feline Leukemia (FeLV), and FVRCP vaccinations. These should be updated annually. Proof of vaccinations can be provided by giving us a copy of the paperwork/receipt from your veterinarian. Your veterinarian should be able to fax us this information if your original has been lost.

Boarding Paperwork

If this is your first time boarding a pet with us, please print and complete a copy of the Guest Boarding Registration below. You may fill it out and have them ready upon check-in, or complete it here upon arrival. If we have already boarded a dog for you in the past, we will only need a copy of the additional guest page completed for your folder.

      Guest Registration Paperwork

      Additional Guest Page (if more than one cat or dog)

What to Pack for the Cat Cottage:

  1. A pet carrier labeled with your last name.
  2. Current vaccination papers (FeLV, Rabies, FVRCP)
  3. Boarding Registration Paperwork
  4. Food from home if desired
  5. Snacks from home if desired.
  6. Favorite toys or snuggle items if desired.
  7. Any medication properly labeled with the veterinarian's name and dosage requirements in the container provided by vet.(We're sorry, but we do not currently provided injections. We recommend pets that need daily injections board with your favorite veterinarian.)

What to Expect Upon Arrival

  1. Cats may be upset they are required to be in a carrier.
  2. Boarding documents will be checked.
  3. Any medications will be reviewed with owner.
  4. We will show you and the guest(s) to their Suite in their carrier.

What to Expect At Departure

  1. Guests will not want to move from their new favorite spot.
  2. They will try to pretend they did not miss you.
  3. They may be upset when we place them in their carrier. (Depending upon how comfortable they were.)

Special Notes:

  • Cats are quite adept at sensing change in their environment. Plan ahead for delays caused by a hiding pet.
  • Eventhough your cat has received plenty of fresh water here, having a fresh bowl of water at home will be reassuring.
  • After returning home, they may throughly investigate their territory for changes. Some may hide for a while. This is a normal and helps them reinforce that their home is still their home and free from intruders.

Cat Cottage FAQS

Question May I bring my cat's special food from home?
Answer Sure, please send it in a sealed container or ziploc bag and include any special instructions in your
Cat Boarding paperwork. We also have refrigerator available if it is needed to keep food items cool.

Question Is there a discount if I bring my own food from home?
Answer We welcome food from home, but we do not provide a discount if it is provided.

Question What kind of cat food is used if I do not bring mine from home?
Answer We currently serve the dry variety of Meow Mix Original formula. It seems to be the most common with cat owners.

QuestionWhen are guests fed?
Answer Guests are fed based on your instructions. The closer to their home schedule and routine the better.

QuestionCan you prepare meals?
AnswerWe do not cook meals, but we do have access to a microwave to warm food if needed. Refrigeration is also available.


Question What kinds of snacks are served at the Cat Cottage?
AnswerWe do not serve snacks unless they are brought from home with the cat owner's seal of approval.

Question May I bring my cat's own snacks?
Answer Sure! Please bring them in a labeled container or ziploc bag.

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