Our Doghouse Facilities


Our rooms were intended to look just like... a room!

Each room has its own dog cot with bedding, a floor rug, and a dog door to a private, outdoor courtyard with patio.
( If the view of other dogs through the tempered glass door makes your pet nervous, we will install a blind to block their view of other dogs.)

Room Two with Bitsy & Daisy Room One with Jackson


Each room has its own private outdoor courtyard...
Georgia & Tiger

Courtyard access is provided all day, weather permitting. The courtyards are filled with soft shredded pine mulch. Dogs love to dig in it! (It also allows quick cleanups.)
Beneath the mulch is a thick rubber mat that is easy on older joints, and resists the most vigorous hole diggers.
Courtyards also include a paver patio for those nice lazy afternoon naps and an awning over the dog door to provide shade.

The Playgrounds

We have two play areas. One is nicely shaded and is recommended for small dogs.
The second play area is more open for ball and frisbee time .
...Most importantly playground time includes a person to play with!
(Only guests from the same family enjoy playground time together.)
Front Playground
Front Playground'
Back Playground

Nature Trail & Romp Area

Our nature trail spans an acre of shaded property.
We have plenty of trees, bushes and nervous squirrels for entertainment.
(The Nature Trail area is completely fenced.)
Nature Trail Entrance
Nature Trail

Montevallo Doghouse, the Happy Place to Stay!