Doghouse Activities

Two activities are included each day...
We have four activities available.

Nature Walks

Walks are given in our wooded and fenced nature trail area.
We have plenty of squirrels, trees and interesting smells to keep most guests entertained.
Walks include a leash to prevent a guest from wandering off the beaten path.
Guests sharing a room can enjoy this activity together.
Most nature trail walks last at least 20 minutes.

Romp Time Go Doggie Go!

Romp time is just that, a fun romp through our fenced nature trail area.
Guests are allowed off-leash to run, sniff and bounce through the fenced area at their leisure.
Supervision is provided and guests are still followed and monitored.
It's a great activity for the active dog that needs a large area to run and jump. (It also keeps our squirrels on high alert.)
Guests sharing a room can enjoy this activity together.
Romp time lasts approximately 20 minutes.

Playground Time

Playground time includes running after a ball, playing tug, chase or whatever feels fun at the time.
If your pets are sharing a room, they will be able to play on the playground together at the same time.
We do not mix dogs from different families on the playground without permission.

TLC Time

      TLC time is for the guest that needs a lite, easy activity.
     It includes plenty of belly rubs, ear rubs, brushing and basic TLC.
     It is recommended for senior pets or very small guests that fear the outdoors.
     (All dogs receive TLC time on inclement weather days.)

Need Additional Activities?

Extra activity times are available for
a small, additional charge.
Any of the activities above may be added.
Extra activities are charged per event.
This is recommended for the very active guest. Most guest are content and tired after two activities.
(If we are unable to provide the extra activity due to the check-in or check-out time of your pet, you will not be charged.)

How many times a day will my dog get to go outside?