The Dog Cabin

The Dog Cabin is unique. It is located in a area separate from the main dog building.

The indoor area of the Dog Cabin is six feet deep and six feet wide on the inside and has a covered front porch.

The cabin has its own lighting, heating and air conditioning systems with plenty of windows for natural light.

Instead of an outdoor courtyard, the cabin includes a large private outdoor playarea. The playarea measures twenty feet deep and twenty feet wide to allow for plenty of room for guests to stretch and run outdoors. It is shaded by mature trees and surrounded by six foot tall fencing. One side of the Dog Cabin's play area is shared by the playground fence on the other side. Dogs in the cabin playarea will be able to see dogs from other families play on the playground.

The Dog Cabin is best for dogs larger than twenty pounds.

The Dog Cabin
The Dog Cabin The Dog CabinThe Dog Cabin

The Dog Cabin's Outdoor Area