Boarding Policies

Required Vaccinations

We will need a copy of your pet's Rabies and Parvo (DHLP) vaccination records when you check-in.
Once we have it on file, it will not need to be provided again until it is outdated.
We recommend but do not require the Bordetella vaccine.
Most Bordetella vaccines need to be given 5 to 10 days prior to boarding to become effective. more info

Bad Bugs: Fleas, Ticks and Heartworms

Please be certain your pet is up to date on their heartworm preventative, as well as their flea and tick treatment...even if your pet has never had fleas or a tick before.
We are located in a wooded area and mosquitoes and ticks are not hard to find.
If fleas or ticks are found on your pet during their stay, (...and the critters seem happily unphased by the type of flea treament they received from home...)
a fresh Frontline spot-on treatment will be applied and your pet will stay in their room until it takes affect.
There is a small charge for the Frontline flea/tick treatment, but the dose will last for 30 days.
We reserve the right to refuse boarding to a heavily infested pet regardless of deposit.

Behavior Problems

Guests that display and/or attempt aggressive, dangerous behavior need extra caution and handling. These behaviors greatly increase the anxiety of everyone at our boarding kennel and its best to prevent them when possible. If your dog is prone to fighting or biting under certain circumstances, please let us know in your boarding paperwork or when you check in. We try to be sensitive to the needs and demeanor of our guests and will do our best to make your friend as comfortable as possible.
If your dog's personality is too aggressive, we may be unable to include them in activities we normally provide to others (i.e.walks on the nature trail).
If your pet's behavior problem is severe (i.e. difficult to provide food), an aggressive behavior surcharge may be applied. more info
We reserve the right to refuse boarding to any pet we deem dangerous to ourselves or other guests.


What should I pack for my dog?

  1. Vaccination papers showing current Rabies and Parvo.
  2. A sturdy leash labeled with your last name.
  3. Food or snacks from home, if desired in airtight container or ziploc bag(s).
  4. A comfortable collar
  5. Toys or chewbones if desired.
  6. Any medication properly labeled with the veterinarian's name and dosage requirements in the container provided by vet. (We are sorry, but we do not give injections.)

What To Pack -- Printer Friendly version

What to Expect

Check In

  1. Lots of excitement from the other guests!
  2. Boarding documents will be checked.
  3. Any medications will be reviewed with owner.

Check Out

  1. Lots of excitement from the other guests!
  2. Payment processed.
  3. Thirst! This is a normal response after boarding. It will be reassuring for your pet to have a nice fresh bowl of water after arriving home.
  4. Be prepared for your pet to need a nap. There is no place like home!

Other Questions


Q: Are meals included?
A: Yes, we serve the canned and dry variety of Pedigree.

Q: Can I bring my dog's special food from home?
A: Sure, please send it in a sealed container or ziploc bag (preferably airtight) and specify the amount and how often they are normally fed.

Q: When are they fed?
A: Guests are fed based on your instructions *. The closer to their home schedule the better. Food can also be available all day if needed.

Q: Is it cheaper or is there a discount if I bring my own food from home?
A:We welcome food brought from home, but we do not provide a discount if it is packed.


Q: What kinds of snacks are served?

A: We serve Milkbone dog biscuits.

Q: Can I bring my dog's own snacks?
A: Sure! Please bring them in a labeled container or ziploc bag.


Q: How many times a day will my dog get to go outside?
A: As many times as they like.
All of our rooms include doors to each guest's private outdoor courtyard.
Guests may go in and out as they please (weather and daylight hours permitting).
The courtyards are shaded and covered in soft shredded pine mulch.
Additional playtime activities are scheduled in the morning and the evening.
Playtime activities are approximately 20 to 30 minutes each.


If your love them, get them fixed...

Q: We limit our dog's water intake so she won't have "accidents". Will y'all follow the same schedule?
A: We DO NOT limit or schedule water unless veterinarian approval is provided. Water bowls/pots are cleaned and refilled twice a daily.

Temperature Control

Q: Its predicted to go below freezing one day during my dog's stay. How do you warm the rooms?
A: We have electric and gas heating. (The gas heating will work even if we have a power outage and we have a generator if needed.) We also hang infrared heat lamps from the ceiling of each room. These keep the beds and blankets warm when the dog doors are open on chilly days. The lamp height is adjusted to provide the most comfortable temperature for each guest's room.

Q: It may reach the 100 degree mark this week. How do you cool the rooms?
A: Heat is definetly an issue in Alabama. The building is air conditioned, and each room has a large personal fan for maximum breezy comfort. (Fans are secured over the doorways with all cords and controls safely out of reach.)

Q: Do y'all put space heaters in the rooms?
A: No, we do not place space heaters in the rooms. We use infrared lamps which are suspended from the ceiling of each room safely out of reach and powered with surge protectors. This keeps the blankets and beds warm when the dog door to the outside area is open on chilly days. The building is also heated.

Multiple Guests in One Room

Q: I have reservations for my dogs to share a room. Will they be able participate in the activities together?
A: Yes. Guests that share a room participate in the activities together unless requested otherwise.

Q: I have two dogs. Do they have to share a room?
A: Not really, but it is less expensive.

What if there is a [insert disaster]...

Q: What if there is a fire at your facility?
A: A fire at the facility would be a truly terrible situation. A fire at any place of business or residence is a terrible situation. We have an evacuation plan with designated secure areas to relocate the animals in the event of a fire. We have fire extinguishers in every building, an automated sprinkler system is in the main building, and 24/7 heat and smoke detection system in every building that will automatically call the fire department and notifies us of an emergency any time, day or night.(We do not live on the property, but we do live within five minutes of our business. Living on the premises does not gurantee a fire will be detected faster if the proper systems are not in place.) The facility is located within 10 to 12 miles of three fire departments. Fires are a rare occurence, but it is a tradegy we would prefer to avoid and we do our best to plan and prevent. The main building is 95% constructed of non-combustible, self-extinguishing materials, but we have installed these systems to address customer concerns.

Q: Is your facility in a flood zone?
A:No. We are located on a hill. Flash flooding is not a concern in our area.

Q: What if there is a tornado? A winter weather event? Hurricane?
A: Yes, we have "been there/done that". We have a duck and cover plan in place should a tornado warning occur in our area. An owner will spend the night on site depending upon the predicted severity (hurricane, straight line winds, snow, ice) so a perons knowledgeable of the pets is available at the facility if needed. We also have a plan in place to relocate the animals to another secure area of the property in the event of damage to the facility. (Currently our facility has survived four hurricanes.) This does not mean we will keep regular business hours or stay open after hours during these events (i.e. snow, hurricane). We do not charge for inclement weather if you are unable to pick up your pet due to road conditions. Sometimes it is safer for pet owners to stay in place so they do not find themselves in a dangerous situation while the pet is in the car. Not all dangerous weather can be predicted, but we understand how valuable four legged family members are to their owners and we will not our best to keep them protected, safe and comfortable.

Q: What if there is an earthquake?
A: If there is an earthquake in Alabama, I imagine we will all be a little shaken. ;)


Q: Why is the Bordetella (a.k.a. kennel cough) vaccine not required?
A We recommend the bordetella vaccine, but do not require it because of the amount of time it takes to become effective. The fastest vaccines take five days to work. Not everyone is able to plan this far in advance when boarding their pet. The vaccine must also be administered every six months and is easy to miss if a family does not board their pet very often. If you know you will be boarding in the next six months, it will give you peace of mind to go ahead and have it administered.
Kennel Cough Fact Sheet

Q: Will the tags on my dog's collar qualify as proof of vaccinations?
A: Sorry, we will need documentation we can keep on file. A copy of the paperwork provided by the vet when you received the tag is needed.Your veterinarian should have this on file. Most veterinarians will be able to fax it to us if yours has been lost. Just let them know and have them give us a call.

Behavior Policy

Q: My dog sometimes snaps at me while he is eating if I get too close to his food. Will I be charged the aggressive behavior surcharge?
A: No, this behavior is fairly common, especially in small dogs. Just let us know about this in your boarding paperwork so we can prevent any surprises.

Q: My dog will jump and growl at other dogs when they walk by. Do I need to worry about the aggressive behavior surcharge?

A: Probably not. Guests are not placed in group settings with other dogs unless they are from the same family and the owner has said they get along. If he is stressed and shows aggression to other dogs as they walk by, we can place a curtain on the door to block his view.

If your dog is aggressive towards people without provocation, we need to know. It sounds as though he may need some extra measures around other guests to prevent him from being too stressed. If feeding, basic care and handling is not dangerous because we have been informed of his behavior, all should go well.
(The surcharge is applied if we are placed in danger or bitten because of lack of information. 99.9% of healthy dogs will not bite a friendly human while away from home.)


Is It Okay to Bring...

Q: My dog is crate trained. Can I bring it?
A: Yes. Please label it your name and let us know about any special instructions. We will place it inside their room. But please be aware it may get wet and/or scratched.

Q: Are their any special things I should pack?
A: Blankets, towels or favorite snuggle items from home are welcome. Just be aware they may receive lots of attention from your pet while they are here and may be chewed or de-stuffed or both. (We will try to prevent this if we catch it in time, but some little guys can work fast!)Let us know if you would like these laundered on the day of their departure. (It won't remind them of home if we wash it too much during their stay.)


Q: What should we do if our dog has medication?
A: If your pet needs daily medications, please leave the medication with us in its original container along with the administering vet's name, phone number and dosage information.

We will place pills in a snack for dosing if needed.

If your pet has serious health conditions, we recommend they board with a veterinarian clinic. We are unable to give injections.

Doggie Daycare

Q: Do you have doggie daycare?
A: Not Really. We do not have daily group play. We do have a "Day Play" option. Your pet can stay during the day but does not have to stay overnight. It is subject to availability. One activity is included. Feel free to call for more information and pricing.