Montevallo Doghouse + Cats  is a small, comfortable, dog and cat boarding facility located four miles South of historical downtown Montevallo and the University of Montevallo in Alabama.

The Doghouse rooms include a comfortable cot, fluffy blankets, area rugs for the floor and private access to their own private outdoor courtyard. A morning and evening activity is also included. Dog activities available include "TLC" time (grooming and gentle play for elderly guests), "Romp" time in our fenced natural area, "Walk" with leash on the nature trail, and "Playground" time. Special accommodations are also available for very sensitive or older guests on a limited basis if needed.

The Cat Cottage guests are given a furnished, two room suite with a full size climbing tree and more fluffy blankets. The Suites have plenty of windows and a bird feeder view. The Cat Cottage is also completely separated from the dog buildings to allow for the all important cat naps.

We strive to be the happy place for your pets to stay!