The "Doghouse"

Room Rates

Doghouse room rates are all all inclusive. They do not vary with the size of the room or pet.

The rate includes an indoor room with private outdoor courtyard and patio, food, snacks, cot, blankets and two, 20 minute one-on-one daily activities with a person. (Dogs will NOT play with dogs from another family in group play.) Feeding and activities are customizable according to your pet's needs.   

When guests share a room, they may also share activity times (i.e. go on their walk together).

The Doghouse Per Night Rate

  • One Guest Per Room: $30.00
  • Two Guests Per Room* : $45.00
  • Three Guests Per Room* : $60.00
Be the Person Your Dog Thinks U R

* Guests should be from the same family to share a room and activity times together. No more than four guests (or 200 lbs.) may share a room at one time.

~~ Weekly Rates(Over 6 Nights) :10% discount

~~ Monthly Rates(Over 28 Nights) With Free Webcam Viewing Available. Please Call.

Extra Doghouse Services

Room Webcam

Download the app to your phone or tablet and watch your pet in their room!. The camera includes night vision and the ability to take a photo. It is a private camera and no one will be able to see your pet except you. (The Dog Cabin has both inside and outside camera views for the same charge.)

Currently we have a limited number of cameras available.

Additional Nature Walk

Additional Romp Time

Additional Playground Time

Additional TLC Time

Professional Bathing and Grooming

We are not professional groomers.

I have used a water hose and puppy shampoo on the back deck for many years to the best of my ability...After years of walking dogs with wet socks, I would like to offer the services a real groomer.

Brian with Puppies N People has been highly recommended by many of his customers.
Not only does he do a great job bathing and grooming...He makes house calls!...Or in our case, "Doghouse" calls.
His mobile facility means his customers do not need to pack the pups in the car and make the trip to the groomers and wait for randomly timed "call" to come back to pick them up. He comes to your place and takes care of your pet from start to finish at your location.

He does not use crates and only takes one pet at a time into his mobile grooming studio.
This one-on-one time is much less stressful for nervous and older pets.

Just give them a call to setup an appointment and he can come by our facility during your pet's stay. (We recommend the day before pickup.) Discuss with him the services requested and he will have them fresh and fluffy for the ride home. (Charges and payment for grooming services will need to be made through Puppies N People.)

If your aren't happy, he can come by your home to make it right.

Once you see how great your pet looks and feels, Puppies N People will be happy to come by your home for your regular pet grooming needs in the future as well.

The Cat Cottage

Suite Rates

Cat Cottage Suites include meals, a litter box, blankets, a climbing tree and all have a window.

Activities are as desired by the guest and included at no additional charge.

~All cats must be neutered.~

Cat Cottage Per Night Rate

* 10% discount on stays more than 6 nights.

Guests should be from the same family to share a room. No more than three guests may share a room at one time.

More Extras

Medication Administered

Flea/Tick Treatment (Frontline)

Aggressive Behavior

If your pet's personality is too aggressive, we may be unable to provide the basic activities we normally provide to others (i.e. for dogs: walks on the nature trail).

If their behavior is so severe it is difficult to clean and/or provide food and water, and they prove to be a danger to our employees, an aggressive behavior surcharge will be applied.

We are very sensitive to the needs and demeanor of our guests and will do our best to make your pet as comfortable as possible. Please let us know about any agressive behavioral issue upon checking in.