The "Doghouse"

Room Rates

Doghouse room rates do not vary with the size of the room.

Rates include a room, food, snacks, cot, blankets, floor rug and two standard daily activities.   

All rooms also include a private, outdoor courtyard with a deck.

When guests share a room, they may also share activity times (i.e. go on their walk together).

Only guests from the same family should share a room.

The Doghouse Per Night Rate

  • One Guest Per Room: $26.00*
  • Two Guests Per Room* : $40.00
  • Three Guests Per Room* : $54.00
  • One Night Minimum Charge: $30.00
Be the Person Your Dog Thinks U R

* Weekly rates (6 nights): Receive a 10% discount or a free bath.

* Guests should be from the same family to share a room and activity times together. No more than four guests (or 200 lbs.) may share a room at one time.

Extra Doghouse Services

Additional Nature Walk

Additional Romp Time

Additional Playground Time

Additional TLC Time

Basic Bath

We are not professional groomers. Our basic bath involves shampoo, lots of bubbles and a conditioning rinse. We towel dry and brush out the best we can. This does not include matt removal, nail trimming, anal glands or hair trimming, but they will feel and smell better.(Sorry, the basic bath is for dogs only.)

If your friend is shaggy and fluffy, it may be beyond our 'expertise', but we will do our best.

The Cat Cottage

Suite Rates

Cat Cottage Suites include meals, a litter box, blankets, a climbing tree and all have a window.

Activities are as desired by the guest and included at no additional charge.

~All cats must be neutered.~

Cat Cottage Per Night Rate

* Weekly rates (6 nights): Receive a 10% discount.

Guests should be from the same family to share a room. No more than three guests may share a room at one time.

More Extras

Medication Administered

Flea/Tick Treatment (Frontline)

Aggressive Behavior

If your pet's personality is too aggressive, we may be unable to provide the basic activities we normally provide to others (i.e. for dogs: walks on the nature trail).

If their behavior is so severe it is difficult to clean and/or provide food and water, and they prove to be a danger to our employees, an aggressive behavior surcharge will be applied.

We are very sensitive to the needs and demeanor of our guests and will do our best to make your pet as comfortable as possible. Please let us know about any agressive behavioral issue upon checking in.