Room Nine

Room Nine is located in our office away from the excitement of the main building.
The indoor area measures six by six feet and is the same size as our larger rooms in the main building.
Room nine also has its own air conditioner for temperature sensitive breeds.
The dog door to this room has a flap that can be adjusted. It leads to a small private outdoor courtyard measuring six feet deep and six feet wide.
The outdoor courtyard has privacy panels on each side and also has a roof. The outdoor space has a tiered deck and an area filled with shredded mulch.
This room is only for large geriatric dogs, dogs with disabilities or dogs less than fifteen pounds.
(Please note the tiered deck may be difficult for some older dogs to navigate if you wish for them to go outside.)
Room Nine's Interior
Room Nine
Room Nine's Outside Area
We Remodeled! Updated Picture Soon!
Room Nine's Exterior View
Room Nine's Office View