The Montevallo Doghouse Cat Cottage: Suite-A

Suite-A has a window that faces the front porch of the Cat Cottage.
The front area of the room is four feet deep, three feet wide and contains a cat tree approximately six feet tall.
The cat tree has several levels to lounge and private caves to hide.

The second area in Suite-A is three feet deep and three feet wide. It contains a window, chair and a discreetly placed litter box.
This room also has window and heat lamp light in the ceiling to warm the the items in this room on chilly days.

Each room of the suite has a ceiling ventilator to keep fresh air flowing into the entire suite and the Cottage itself is climate controlled.
Only cats from the same family my share a suite. One suite can comfortably house up to four cats.

Alterations in the room furnishings are possible for geriatric cats that may be unable climb.
Climbing ramps are also available to allow chair and window access for cats with limited jumping ability.

Cat Cottage Suite-A Cat Cottage Suite-A Cat Cottage Suite-A