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COVID19 Procedures
April 2021 Update

Wahoo! No more mask mandate!

We are very excited!
We recommend customers proceed in the way they feel most comfortable within our guidelines.
That being said, we will still be around clients that have been traveling and will remain cautious.
We will continue to practice social distancing and limiting our time with customers to less than ten minutes.



Vaccinations are great. We do not wish to verify human vaccinations. The above procedures apply to all.

What To Do If....
It is rare for customers to arrive at the same time,
but some pickup/drop-off times are more popular than others.
If you should arrive at the same time as another customer, or while we are attending another customer
please do not exit your vehicle or approach other customers (inside or outside of their vehicle).
Please remain in your vehicle with your pets.
We manage all customers with the same amount of patience and attention.
Some pets require more time than others to discuss and load and unload.
Remember while you wait, we will be providing the same amount of time
and attention to your pets once the other customer is safely on their way.
Please be patient. Things never go well when animals are rushed.

Thank you! Hopefully this will all be back to normal soon!

We intend to update our guidelines again in May based on the results of the mask mandate withdrawal.

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